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Chosen Men

A soldier’s story does not end on the battlefield.

On a journey spanning more than 10 years, young veteran soldiers who served together on the front line proudly reflect on their service as Riflemen in the British Army and the impact it has upon returning to civilian life.

With unprecedented access and footage captured during service, Filmmaker and Veteran Soldier Aaron Sayers offers revealing insight into the changing identities of the modern day soldier, capturing the pride and professionalism of soldiers past and present whilst tackling and raising awareness of key issues that veterans face.

Chosen Men celebrates the pride shared within the veteran community and the bond of brothers held between those who served together on the front line.

An honest exploration of transition, changing identity and life after service; featuring SAS Hero and Best Selling Author Andy McNab.

dir. Aaron Sayers


Eden Gate Pictures is an independent Film Production Company, setup by filmmaker Aaron Sayers in 2015 to produce top quality film for international audiences. The company’s debut feature “Chosen Men” [Evolutionary Films] premiered at the Saville Theatre in London and was released nationally in 2018 to great critical acclaim with a nomination for Best Documentary at the National Film Awards.

Eden Gate Pictures is currently developing their film slate across genres with UK and International Co-Producers.


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